Destiny Does Web Development on the WordPress Platform.

Destiny chooses WordPress for web development as is the most trusted content management system which powers 37% of all sites on the internet.

Content Friendly

It’s easy to create and add content with WordPress, Destiny will give you great tips.


While your business grows your website can too with new features and new plugins.


We web develop a mobile-friendly website, mobile phones are the most used device for browsing the web.

Our Specialities

We uphold the highest standards for project planning and execution, and we’re dedicated to building the perfect website for your company on-time and on-budget.

We can provide support in web development, content layout, web management, booking system, social media management and digital tools to help your business to be noticed, automated and make your business life a bit easier.

Design & Layout

We will design an elegant website for you with a modern layout.

Content Input

Destiny will work with you to add content to where it needs to be added.

Plugin Installation

All the latest and necessary plugins will be installed for your website.


Content and layout will be followed with the search optimisation guidelines, this is to help search engines to find your website.

Legal Pages

Legal pages will be added to comply with the GDPR and best practices.


We will do the integration with existing systems if you are using other systems that you would like to be on your website.


Destiny will create a website that will be a marketing tool as much as the booking tool.


Your site will be secure 24/7 and be protected from hackers and spammers.

Quality Assurance

Once the website is fully web developed, a second pair of eyes will ensure that the website functions 100%.

Website Launch

After all the reviews, quality assurance and the fast turnaround time, Destiny will launch your site live, and it doesn’t stop here!

1 Month Support

When the website is launched we will give you tips and support for your website on how to manage it successfully.


You will be passed over documentation for your website, such as login details, hosting information and more.

Web Design & Web Booking Development

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