Destiny Elements 1.0.11 Update

Full list of updates for 1.0.11

  • New Element: Fluent Forms – Design options were built with the free version, some parts such as file uploads, and page steps that are available in the premium version are non customizable.
  • New BETA Element: Advanced Google Map
  • Fix: Flip Card element is now working properly on mobile safari
  • Fix: Flip Card element heading now adjusts to center
  • Fix: Flip Card default width set to be responsive on smaller screen sizes
  • Fix: Destiny Elements icons to adjust to dark or light mode inside Breakdance builder
  • Fix: Table element now changed to row accordingly. Important Note: after the update the colors inside rows/columns will need to be adjusted
  • Fix: Corrected the spelling for include link in Taxonomy element. Important Note: after the update the link will need to be added
  • Enhancement: Updated Google reviews element to have better default styles
  • Enhancement: Tidied up some Google Reviews design controls


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