Destiny Elements 1.3 Update

Coming in 1.3 Update

  • New Element: Read More
  • New Element: Responsive Table that acts as an accordion on smaller screen sizes
  • Enhancement: New data type ‘Advanced’ for Destiny Accordion where you can put any element inside the panels
  • Enhancement: Now can add multiple Destiny Accordion elements on the same page with support for Google FAQ Schema, previously it would throw an error if more than one accordion on the same page used FAQ Schema
  • Enhancement: Add a new button for Destiny Accordion to open all panels inside the builder, in case they are not rendering properly or for easier styling
  • Enhancement: Improve the Gravity Forms initial skeleton default styles
  • Enhancement: Improve Timeline initial skeleton default styles
  • Enhancement: Option now to add endpoints from the first and the last item of the Timeline so it starts at 50% instead of all the way from the top and bottom
  • Enhancement: Add margin for the line in the Timeline element, so better offset can be set on mobile devices, and also it fixed a small bug that caused the line sometimes not to be straight
  • Enhancement: Off-Canvas can now have multiple open and close buttons to work
  • Enhancement: Added accessibility names for Off-Canvas
  • Enhancement: Added a new feature to Off-Canvas which enables the Off-Canvas to be closed when clicked outside of the opened element
  • Fix: Gravity Forms button styles were not working fully for file uploads
  • Fix: Small fix for Off-Canvas which did not close the off-canvas if it was opened inside the builder
  • Fix: There was still an issue with the non-accordion style on Destiny Accordion for smooth transitions on the first open, this should be fixed now.
  • Fix: Page Views had an issue where it would count as one visit for the first page and would not for the 2nd within 24 hour period, this is fixed now


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