Destiny Elements 1.4 Update

  • New Element: Ajax Search
  • Enhancement: A complete rebuild of Taxonomies Element, it will now allow to have a list, nested children (1 level deep currently), grid and flex layouts, dropdowns, and allow to include any type of Taxonomy from your registered Taxonomies
  • Enhancement: Rebuild the Advanced Map, now it will support pins to be populated from custom post types, with additional features such as Featured Image, Excerpt and much more
  • Enhancement: Add advanced data type for Timeline
  • Enhancement: Add a centre position for the Timeline
  • Enhancement: Add a tab/menu list option for the menu element
  • Enhancement: Audio Player Element now has a playlist option built into it
  • Enhancement: Inside the builder Destiny Elements are split now into categories for easier navigation
  • Fix: Remove Gravity form being populated dynamically on the first instance
  • Fix: Gravity form typography control was not working
  • Fix: A small tweak to improve Dynamic Data for Fluent Forms when choosing a form inside the builder
  • Fix: A small Hotspot Element typo inside the controls
  • Fix: A small variable was defined as a const which was throwing a server error on PHP8+ in Advanced Maps
  • Fix: Adjust the setting in the Responsive Table and Read More element that was blocked by Kinsta hosting security

+ a lot of other small bug fixes.


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