Destiny Elements 1.6.2


  • Added a child filter support for the Faceted Search, an example use would be for example having a car list, but you’ll only able to select the Make first, and then go to a second drop down which will include Models. Documentations is added & Demo for this will be coming soon. Planning to introduce a Min-Max input which where for example prices can be added from ACF/MetaBox/Taxonomy field.
  • Added support for Faceted Search to show children in the Dropdowns and Dropdown Checkboxes input. In the future support will be added to more inputs. Note that it’s one level deep for children.
  • Added Category Description optional text for the Food Menu element, this is located directly under the category name.
  • Added an Auto Play option for the Audio Player element playlist, this will play the next song after the current is finished

Bug Fixes

  • Fix button layout input for Faceted Search Input.
  • Added to Gravity Forms a dropdown icon for the select input types.
  • Fixed Gravity Forms input colours, previously the design wasn’t working for this.
  • Fixed Gravity Forms conflict, which was causing the add-ons from Gravity forms not to work, such as Signatures.


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