Destiny Elements 1.6.3


  • Faceted Search Element: Added relation ‘AND’ & ‘OR’ options for taxonomies, ACF, and MetaBox fields. (Tutorials/Demos will be coming soon).
  • Taxonomies Element : Added a new option ‘Only Current Post Tax’ which will only display taxonomies related to that post. Works inside loops/queries and single-page posts.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Faceted Search input decoding, related to Github issue.
  • Set .destiny-filtered-posts to be the priority CSS selector for any of the post/product lists. This is useful if there are multiple queries on the archive page, and we can just target a specific one by adding a CSS selector ‘.destiny-filtered-posts’.
  • Fixed some typos/grammar mistakes in some of the elements.
  • Disabled the Google Review scroll bar if the testimonial is at full height without overflow.


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