Destiny Elements 1.7.1

This update predominantly centres on ensuring compatibility with Breakdance 1.6 and subsequent versions. Moreover, it addresses several bugs that emerged in version 1.7.

You can update the plugin by logging into my account and downloading it directly, or alternatively, update it from the WordPress dashboard or via WP-CLI. Please ensure you have an activated licence key on the respective websites.


  • Remove the ‘relation’ option from certain filters within the Faceted Search Element where it would be not required.
  • Add mixed content for the Timeline, incase images are enabled, and there is no image not to show then a blank image there.
  • Incorporate a custom icon and a corresponding custom colour option within the Team Element.
  • Refine the ‘Destiny Options’ page for clearer content separation within the WordPress dashboard.

Bug Fixes

  • Refactored the following elements: Advanced Google Map, Faceted Search, Ajax Search, Responsive Table, Timeline, Gravity Forms, Google Reviews, Fluent Forms, Formidable Forms, Destiny Accordion, Page Views, Taxonomies, Date Updated, Audio Player, and Language Switcher.

Since the release of Breakdance 1.6 beta, enhanced error handling has been introduced within the BDE builder. We don’t possess complete details, but we concur with the commendable practices and suggestions on backend coding. This led to our refactoring, which promises fewer bugs. Additionally, with future BDE updates, no element should malfunction within the builder. If any 500 erros caused by Destiny Elements, please email

  • Rectified the Advanced Google Map loading error on the frontend, originating from version 1.7
  • Corrected spelling errors in Faceted Search and Ajax Search within the Breakdance Options & Style Controls.
  • Amended the responsive table’s functionality when interacting with the open or close icon.
  • Optimised the ‘read more’ button to exclusively register its own clicks. As a result, simultaneous actions, such as interacting with a slider, remain unaffected when the ‘read more’ button is clicked.
  • Resolved certain JavaScript errors in wp-admin brought about by the Pre-Loader.
  • Adjusted Fluent Forms to display the intended styles within the Breakdance Builder.
  • Tweaked the Destiny Accordion. Now, when an anchor contains an ID, it ensures smooth scrolling to the appropriate position.


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