Destiny Elements 1.8

We’re excited to announce Destiny Elements 1.8! This update introduces new element, brings enhancements, and addresses various bug fixes.

New Elements

Taxonomy Loop Builder

Introducing the new ‘Taxonomy Loop Builder‘ element. Create a single taxonomy Global Block, to which we’ve added new dynamic data options for Taxonomies that can be selected. Following creation, you can then deploy the Taxonomy Loop Builder anywhere on your page as an element, by associating it with the chosen Global Block.


  • Faceted Search: Add an option the button layout to select a single button, previously it was only possible with multiple selections.
  • Faceted Search: Add support for the ACF Post Type Object
  • Faceted Search: Fix range label not showing, when labels are enabled to be visible
  • Taxonomies: Add a count option, that will show the amount available for each taxonomy beside the title
  • Aduio Player: Add dynamic field for custom player audio file We can use ACF/Meta Box for files, or URL fields to get the audio file
  • Google Reviews: Add a ‘5’ column option for the grid layout
  • Timeline: Add image custom media queries for image height
  • Off Canvas: Add support for multiple off canvas elements on a single page
  • Off Canvas: Option to add ‘active’ class to any selector when the off-canvas is open

Bug Fixes

  • Gravity Forms: Fix a bug that causes Gravity Forms not load inside the builder.
  • Food Menu: Fix a bug that did not allow the tabs to be used if ‘&’ was used in the name of the category
  • Off Canvas: Fix the overflow of the inside of the container, if elements were bigger than the height of the screen view they would not fit within the scroll


Optimised for speed and performance, our elements ensures that your site loads quickly.

Easy To Use

The elements are all easily editable so you can customise the styles to match your needs perfectly.

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