Destiny Elements Update 1.4.2

  • Enhancement: Added initial active IDs for taxonomies, this can be used to open a drop-down on the initial state
  • Enhancement: Added custom translations for the ‘Search All Results’ text inside the builder for the Ajax Search element
  • Enhancement: Added icon support for Ajax Search, and also included an option to disable the button completely
  • Enhancement: Added SKU search for Ajax Search, when SKU is enabled it only searches the SKUs, and no other search queries are available, works with taxonomies
  • Enhancement: Close the Ajax Search dropdowns/results on click outside of those which improves the accessibility
  • Enhancement: Added taxonomies count in Ajax Search, and also enable to disable empty taxonomies from the dropdown list
  • Enhancement: Added support in Ajax Search for post categories and post tags to be searched when you click the main button Search if a taxonomy is selected. Note that this is not supported for WooCommerce products with tags or categories
  • Enhancement: Added to Ajax Search scroll to the element option which can be enabled for different screen breakpoints, for example on mobile when the user clicks input it scrolls to the top allowing more space for results to be shown
  • Enhancement: Added max height to results in Ajax Search
  • Enhancement: Moved the Ajax Search spinner inside the search input, and added style controls, the spinner can be moved to different positions, and also can be customised with colours
  • Enhancement: Added an option for the Taxonomies element to adjust the order
  • Enhancement: Added ACF & Metabox support for the Audio Player element
  • Enhancement: Added query support to Timeline, now you can add custom post types inside of it with featured images, titles, content & date posted
  • Enhancement: Added custom icon support to Advanced Maps when using ACF or Meta Box
  • Fix: The Flip Box element was getting stuck sometimes halfway through the flip
  • Fix: Ajax Search now searches within the specified search post type or shop
  • Fix: Added scroll to Off Canvas element


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