Ajax Search

Important Notes

  1. Ajax Search or the Dropdown won’t work inside the Breakdance Builder, builder is only for customising the styles and controlling the features, but there are options to see dummy results and dummy dropdown so you can style any part of the Ajax Search

Search Form

In the search form you can add your own names, and include Taxonomies.

Taxonomy is included by default, and set to post Categories, this can be changed to any that are available on the website, including custom Taxonomies, it’s a drop down list with all available taxonomies on the website. Additionally taxonomy can be disabled, and it will hide the dropdown field.

Open Dropdown Wrapper is built only for the builder, it’s useful to see the dropdown menu inside the builder when styling it.

Search Query

There may be more options inside custom query, but currently, this is all supported with the Ajax Search, and other parameters won’t have any effect:

  • Source: Post Type Only
  • Include: Single or multiple post types can be set to any, for example, Products will also work, or having a combination of Posts & Products will work also.
  • Posts per page: Can be set to any amount to be shown in the results
  • Order By & Order: Those will work as required, except the date will have no effect
  • Ignore Sticky Posts: You can also enable or disable sticky posts

In query options, there is also Show Dummy Results which shows the results box, so it can be styled easier inside the builder. This will need to be disabled before going live, as it will be shown on the Front End if enabled.

Result Options

You can enable or disable any part of the result to be show or not, all results can be styled.

Show Prices will only work correctly with the WooCommerce Products post type, otherwise, it will show the amount 0 for any other post type.

Additional Configurations

Coming soon…

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