Installing Destiny Elements Plugin

  1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard where you will have Breakdance Builder installed and navigate to the “Plugins” menu.
  2. Click on the “Add New” button.
  3. Click on the “Upload Plugin” button located at the top of the page.
  4. Click on the “Choose File” button and select the “destiny-elements-x-x-x” plugin file from your computer.
  5. Click the “Install Now” button to begin the installation process.
  6. Once the plugin has been installed, click the “Activate” button to activate it.
  7. Navigate to the “License” page which is located under Destiny Elements menu in WordPress admin page.
  8. In the license page, you will see an option to enter your license key. To get the license key, you will need to log in to your account on website and navigate to the “My Accounts” page.
  9. Once you have your license key, enter it in the plugin settings page and click the “Activate License” button.
  10. The license key will enable all future updates for the plugin.

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