Main Options

You can open Off Canvas inside the builder while you are building something, and if you leave it open inside the builder it will be closed on the front end for the users.

Option to move the body with the canvas when when it opens.

Function to enable for the off-canvas to close when clicked outside of it.

Disable Escape Key to close, disabling this feature is not recommended for accessibility .


With the latest update 1.3 have added some accessibility to the off canvas.
It supports:

  • aria-hidden, default set to true
  • aria-expanded, default set to false
  • aria-controls, default set to off-canvas, but this can be changed with your own name

Read more on aria-controls to find out why it’s important for web accesbility


The most notable here is you can choose in which direction you want the canvas to open smoothly, and you can add the duration speed.

If you want to disable smooth transtion then just set duration to 0.

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