What is preloader?

A Preloader is a graphical loading indicator that appears on the screen while a webpage’s resources are loading or some operation is being performed. The purpose of using it is to inform the user that something is happening and to encourage them to wait for the process to complete. Preloaders can take various forms, such as spinning wheels, progress bars, or animations.

The element we have prepared assists you in creating a preloader for your websites using the Breakdance builder.

Getting started

Let’s prepare the first working preloader for your website:

  1. Create a new Global Block and open the editor
  2. Add new element called Preloader
  3. Select preloader you like (by default is Spinner 5)
  4. Click Save

Configuration Steps

  1. Go to WP Admin Panel -> Destiny Elements (Tab) -> Preloader Settings
  2. Click Activate Preloader
  3. Choose a Global block you’ve created
  4. Click Save

Now you have a working preloader for your website. By default, it appears on every page. You can use ‘Conditions‘ to modify this behavior.

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