Responsive Table

Table Data

Table data includes row headers and columns where column headers can be added with the content for that column inserted.

Table Options

There are additional table options for the responsive table:

If you disable column headers you will need to remove a breakpoint from ‘Accordion Options’ by clicking on the ‘x’ in ‘Enable Accordion On’ as this will not work then as accordion, accordion relies on column headers to work.

The accordion will work without Row Headers.

Accordion Options

You can enable accordion style at the Phone Landscape or Phone Portrait breakpoint.

Disable Accordion Style means that the user can have multiple panels opened for that panel rather than one at a time.

Show All Panels inside Builder is a handy builder feature which will allow you to open all panels inside the builder and see how it looks, clicking inside the builder on the column header won’t expand the panel, but it will work fine on the front end for the users.

Trouble Shooting

At certain points, it may not show accordion correctly when you change your view to Phone Landscape or Portrait and may seem like it’s broken inside Breakdance Builder. To fix it simply reload the builder with that page, and then change your view where the accordion is set and from there you can make customisations to the accordion.

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