Taxonomy Loop Builder


The “Taxonomy Loop Builder” allows users to create custom taxonomy loops using Global Blocks, enabling unique and dynamic displays of taxonomy information such as categories, tags, or custom taxonomies.

Key Features:

  • Use of Global Blocks: Utilizes predefined Global Blocks to render each taxonomy instance.
  • Dynamic Data Integration: Incorporates dynamic data fields for displaying taxonomy name, description, archive URL, Metabox/ACF text, image URL from Metabox/ACF and Taxonomy Count.
  • Customization of Appearance: Offers the ability to create personalized layouts for each taxonomy.
  • Support for Custom Fields: Enables the use of custom fields associated with taxonomies.

Dynamic Data Fields:

  1. Taxonomy Name
  2. Taxonomy Description
  3. Taxonomy Archive URL
  4. Taxonomy Count
  5. Taxonomy Metabox/ACF Text – requires the name of the custom field associated with the taxonomy
  6. Metabox/ACF Field (Image URL) – requires the name of the custom field associated with the taxonomy


  1. Create a Global Block: First, create a Global Block that will serve as a template for each taxonomy instance.
  2. Configure the Taxonomy Loop Builder: Add the “Taxonomy Loop Builder” element to your page or template in Breakdance Builder.
  3. Select the Global Block: Choose the previously created Global Block in the Taxonomy Loop Builder settings.
  4. Customize Loop Conditions: Define the display conditions for the taxonomies (e.g., types of taxonomies, filtering criteria).
  5. Add Dynamic Data: Use the available dynamic data fields within the Global Block to display relevant information for each taxonomy.
  6. Customize Appearance: Adjust the appearance of each element in the Global Block to meet your design needs.

Advanced Usage with Code Block:

  • Using ‘Code Block’ within Global Block: Within the Global Block, you can use the “Code Block” element. Inside its PHP section, use “global $single_category_item;” at the top to access the WP_Term object. This object contains extensive data about the specific taxonomy and allows fetching of unsupported Dynamic Data associated with the taxonomy.

Customization and Editing:

  • Wrapper and Individual Elements Editing: Emphasize the ability to edit both the wrapper and individual elements from the parent level and within the Global Block.
  • Purpose Similar to Post Loop Builder: This element shares the same goal as the native Post Loop Builder, which is used for displaying posts by rendering them through a Global Block.


For technical issues or questions about configuring the “Taxonomy Loop Builder,” please contact Destiny Element’s technical support team.

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