Content Data

In the content, you can add a custom icon, heading, and your content using the Rich Text editor, additionally, if the Date is enabled in the option you will get an extra field which can show a date at the other side of the content.

Content Options

You can enable images that will show up on the top inside the content box.

If Date is enabled an extra field in Content Data will appear, this will show your specific date on the other side of the content.

You can disable or enable custom icons.

The timeline can be built with Breakdance editor content or ACF repeater or Meta Box clonable groups.


There are a lot of style options to customise any part of the timeline.

Timeline Styles

The advanced styles are in the timeline styles section and here are some more notable effects:

Line Margins are set to auto for when the line is in the middle, this is best used on smaller devices when the line is on the left or right, you can also use negative margins such as -10 to offset it from the container.

Line Endings can start at full height, or on the point at the top and the bottom.

Fill Effect allows the line to populate with different colours on the scroll at 50% of the users’ viewport.

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