Custom Cursor

Here is an interesting cursor element for websites. It can be customised with different styles and effects which will make your site more creative!

It also has an a magnetic option for the outer cursor, which is a more of experimental way of using it, use at your own risk. The magnetic cursor highlights the selector, and sets a background overlay.


    • Option to enable outer cursor
    • You can set the scale transition for inner cursor dot
    • Set your own seletors for where you want cursor to take effect
    • Outer cursor has scale, and magnetic type
    • You can still enable/disable default browser cursor
    • Easly disable custom cursor inside the builder so it does not impact your workflow, note that you will need to refresh the page inside the builder for cursor to take effect
    Custom Cursor Placemenet
    Recommended place to place the back to back button is in the footer of your Breakdance website.

    Example of Custom Cursor Hover Effect

    Link Example

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