Faceted Search

Improve website user experience with an advanced dynamic filter search.

Customise with your own taxonomies, meta fields, search and date picker using Breakdance Builder.

Users will find what they need quickly, boosting engagement and satisfaction. Upgrade search functionality for a seamless and user-friendly experience.

faceted search for Breakdance Builder from Destiny Elements

Faceted Search Demos

Listing Demo

Blog Demo

Blog Faceted Demo

Shop Demo

Faceted Shop Demo

Faceted Search Features

  • Blog Posts Archive
  • ... and Custom Post Type Archives
  • Taxonomies
  • ...and custom Taxonomies
  • ACF Support for Select, Radio and Checkbox fields
  • Meta Box support for Select, Radio and Checkbox List fields
  • Search Field
  • Date Range Picker
  • URL Queries
  • WooCommerce Sort by Date, Price and Popularity
  • WooCommerce Price Range
  • WooCommerce Ratings
  • Super lightweight as it's only built for Breakdance Builder
  • Tons of cusmisation options inside Breakdance Builder
  • Option to load date picker via CDN or locally, depending on the needs. And there is an option to disable it if it's not being used.

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